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Performance & Analytics

Empowered investment decision-making

From data technology silos to a sophisticated and complete portfolio analytics solution, you are empowered with transparent and accurate oversight into performance and attribution across the organization, giving you the ability to evaluate and enhance your investment strategies.

Increase sales and AUM

Enhance service levels

Reduce costs


Performance teams

The performance team is a crucial cog in the investment lifecycle and the team is essential in critical decision-making, regulatory compliance and integrity, and building client trust.

The ability to accurately measure and evaluate your portfolio’s performance is critical to your investment decisions. Performance teams need the right tools to be able provide the front office with the insight they need into the performance strategy and transparency into the investment performance drivers.


Data Management and Distribution

With our modular, but integrated portfolio analytics solution you are able to create an efficient workflow, supported by integrated data management and processing services. Performance teams can automatically, on a daily basis, reconcile data from both internal and external data sources into a single platform, ensuring that their data management process is scalable, reconciled and audited. Easily distribute portfolio analytics and share with as many* stakeholders as needed, in a flexible, responsive, sophisticated and secure way.

*Fair usage policy applies

Our Solutions

Integrated Performance and Portfolio Analytics

Reduce turnaround time for delivering performance results to stakeholders

Achieve compliance with current and future global investment performance standards (GIPS)

Enhanced workflow for assessing the impact of investment decisions across multi-asset classes and investment strategies

Flexible, controlled and self-service portfolio analysis reporting

Full-featured, comprehensive portfolio management, analytics and investment accounting hosted solution

Reduce cost and gain scalability by calculating and disseminating rate-of-return performance data daily with one end-to-end process

Performance & Analytics

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Performance & Analytics

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