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Institutional Plan Data Insights

Exclusive Insights into Institutional Asset Trends

The premiere solution to help you stay ahead in the world of Institutional Asset Management with data-driven intelligence that empowers your business growth.

Unlock Growth Opportunities

Prism Analytics offers unique perspectives on the Institutional Asset Management landscape, helping you realign your sales and marketing strategies for business growth. Positioned at the crossroads of Investment Consultants, plans, and Asset Managers, Prism Analytics captures cash flows and current account durations across peers, delivering comprehensive channel-level insights into asset movements.

Gain detailed insights into mandate wins and losses in Corporate DB, Public DB, Foundations & Endowments and Taft Hartley, and more, enabling you to quantify opportunities. This provides your firm and team with a clear roadmap for penetrating target markets and establishing specific Institutional distribution initiatives. Explore the actual fees plans are paying for mandates, segmented by channel, investment type, and investment vehicle.

Stay Ahead of Trends

See emerging trends before they become trends with comprehensive reporting covering all major plan types and asset classes. Prism leverages PARis data, providing asset managers with unique market insights sourced from consultants.

Asset Manager Institutional groups can easily:

  • Identify Buyer Segments: Understand who is currently buying your investment types.
  • Track Winning Managers: Determine which managers are securing mandates.
  • Analyze Fee Structures: Examine fees by asset class, client type, plan type, and investment vehicle.
  • Monitor Asset Flows: Track asset flows by channel.
  • Assess Market Share: Measure market share by manager and mandates won and lost.
  • Identify Market Leaders: Discover top market share holders.

Unlock Precise Insights

Prism offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for creating insightful Institutional Investment analysis and reporting. Providing more accurate, unbiased data precisely when you need it, across plan types and asset classes.

Discover Where Your Buyers Are.
Understand Actual Fees by Asset Class.
Benchmark Asset Retention.

Drive Institutional Distribution Opportunities

Prism Analytics equips you for winning assets for business growth by:

  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Quantifying Opportunities
  • Managing Mandates

Anticipate Market Needs

Prism Analytics helps you spot market trends early by:

  • Showcasing market segment characteristics with proprietary data, boasting extensive U.S. coverage.
  • Offering insights into how assets move, revealing post-transaction fees, and providing advanced knowledge of public disclosures.
  • Accessing intelligence on thousands of private and public plans.

Key Advantages of Prism Analytics:

Prism Analytics helps you spot market trends early by:

  • Quality: Data provided by Investment Consultants with a fiduciary responsibility to ensure accuracy, unlike Asset Managers 
with potential biases. Prism avoids double-counting assets that other sources may encounter.
  • Timing: Data is available five weeks after the quarter-end, aligning with consultants’ reporting obligations to plan firms.
  • Comprehensive: Investment Consultants offer extensive data elements, drawing from PARis, which manages
plan assets, returns, policies, fees, cash flow, and more.

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