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As the demand for transparency continues to grow when it comes to clients and regulators looking for oversight with regards to financial and operational risk, a sophisticated and comprehensive risk solution is essential to mitigate risk and meet regulatory criteria.

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Risk Solution

Risk is an integral part of generating returns. Managing and reporting your portfolio risk is critical to ensuring client and regulatory confidence in your investment strategy and internal risk management process.

To successfully achieve this, risk needs to be assessed consistently and comparably by both the front and middle office.

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Risk Modeling

Benefit from interactive analysis as well as fast and flexible risk reporting with extended asset class coverage to enable a more transparent illustration of the drivers underlying the portfolio risk, both in absolute and relative terms, and stress the expected variations ultimately ensuring better informed decisions.

Providing a multi-asset class risk model covering hundreds of pricing functions, ranging from plain vanilla instruments to exotic derivatives.

Our Solutions

Streamlined and transparent risk management

Fast and flexible risk reporting with extended asset class coverage to enable a more transparent illustration of risk exposure and value at risk

Fully-fledged multi-asset risk, built on market-leading curves, improving the transparency, consistency and repeatability of the investment and risk process


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Crisis Alpha

Liquidity Shortfalls and Record-High Market Volatility Call for More Stringent Stress Testing, Monitoring and Reporting

Market Liquidity Risk: A Scenario Based Approach



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