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Confluence – Index Governance


Confluence publishes a range of independent multi-asset benchmarks within both the Freedom and ECPI families. StatPro Ltd. is a Registered Benchmark Administrator and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Further details can be found on the FCA financial services register ( 

Confluence is committed to the open and transparent publication of quality benchmarks for performance and risk analysis as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

The following documents describe Confluence’s Governance and related policies:

Art (26) Non-Significant Benchmark Compliance Statement (including appendix)

Art (27) Benchmark statement – Freedom Index Family  

Art (27) Benchmark statement – ECPI Index Family

The Freedom Index Construction Methodology

The ECPI Bond Index Construction Methodology 

The ECPI Equity Index Construction Methodology

The Freedom Index Return Calculation Methodology

The Freedom Index Global Sectors FIGS

Any complaint about the determination process of a benchmark can be emailed to Confluence’s Index Governance Committee ([email protected]). All complaints are taken seriously and will independently investigated. Confluence will acknowledge the complaint within five days and will aim to provide resolution within four weeks. Complaint records are maintained for three years.