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Confluence is a leading global technology solutions provider, helping the investment management industry solve their investment data challenges. Its clients comprise the world’s most significant asset managers and administrators. Confluence’s product offering provides clients with the tools they need to increase efficiency, reduce risk and achieve scalability. The firm is helping transform data management from a cost center to a source of “financial intelligence” and opportunity for the front, middle and back offices of the buy side and its service providers.

Founded in 1991
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA; Large office in London, additional locations in Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and Asia
Over 900 employees
Acquired StatPro in Oct. 2019

Trusted partner for success

Confluence has been building market solutions for nearly 30 years that focus on solving complex investment management data and output problems. Today, 10 of the top 10 global service providers license Confluence products and nine out of the top 10 global asset managers have business processes automated through Confluence.

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Simple, scalable solutions

Our solutions are centered around investment data and deliver our clients the tools they need to reduce risk and increase efficiency. Our dedicated team utilizes their global expertise and local market understanding to create simple solutions to complex challenges, ultimately enhancing efficiencies for partner clients who seek scalability and value sustainable performance.

Expanded offering post-acquisition

Since the Company’s acquisition of StatPro in 2019, we now offer our clients a broader range of data-driven managed investment solutions, including performance and analytics, risk, data, regulatory and investor reporting and more; delivering a full suite of solutions to the investment management industry.

Expert Commentary

The senior executive team at Confluence has decades of experience in data-driven investment management solutions and can comment on the following topics:

  • Asset management technology, including cloud-based solutions
  • The challenges of a changing regulatory landscape
  • Data management automation
  • Front-, middle- and back-office solutions and integration


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Mark Evans

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Todd L. Moyer

President and Chief Operating Officer
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