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Resolve complex data challenges

As the investment management industry deals with ever-present data challenges along with increasing demands from clients and regulators to provide more detailed data and granular analysis, we help our clients transform their raw data into meaningful insights, providing solutions to complex data challenges.


Open architecture

Empowered insight

Volume of


Managers have the difficult task of analyzing and gleaning insight out of massive amounts of both industry and internal data. Our solutions provide clean and accurate data as well as take disparate data sources and consolidate and aggregate that data allowing you to focus on core activities.

Accurate, clean and

Controlled Data

Making use of open and flexible technology, that can be easily implemented into your ecosystem, you can make use of reliable and timely data and turn that knowledge into action, helping you make informed investment decisions and provide clients and shareholders with the data that they need.

Our Solutions

Transparent and open architecture

Efficient and cost-effective solution for finding and integrating accessible, quality benchmarks for performance and risk analysis

Easy and transparent valuations of over the counter (OTC) derivatives and complex assets

Intelligent management of report structures and content, accountability through clear workflow and an automatic audit trail

Implement sustainable investment strategies and products or test adherence of portfolios to ESG standards

Agile investment data management

Reduce risk and increase efficiency involved in the pricing of a wide range of securities and funds

Transform, enhance, and move data to make your processes more efficient, easier, and safer

Data Technology & Services

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Data Technology & Services

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We are a global leader in data-driven investment management solutions, partnering with our clients to deliver products and services designed to optimize efficiency and control.