Performance Measurement

Performance & Analytics

Reduced turnaround time for delivering performance results to stakeholders.


Empower your performance team

Designed to reduce the turnaround time for delivering performance results to stakeholders, Revolution Performance helps you manage and control data more efficiently, quickly calculate, validate and distribute results for analysis and reporting.

Scalability and power

Reduce turnaround time

Reduce turnaround time for delivering performance results, manage workflows and automatically scale to handle large data volumes.

Visual workflow

Granular and detailed analysis

Highly automated visual workflows and data management capabilities reduce manual overhead with improved visibility on operational processes.

Advanced audit

Configurable control and checks

Provide auditability of performance data with over 90 configurable control templates, including fully auditable approval checks that can also be applied with sign-off support.

Improved results

Smart functionality

Intelligent data and issue management with configurable data control checks help improve the quality of performance results.

Performance Measurement

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Performance Measurement

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