Press Release: Confluence Expands Evaluated Bond Pricing Coverage to Over 800k Bonds Globally

The expansion marks a significant increase in evaluated pricing coverage across EMEA, APAC and emerging markets offering customers access to a wider range of asset classes and data types

Pittsburgh, PA, July 13, 2023 – Confluence Technologies, Inc. (“Confluence”), a global technology solutions provider helping the investment management industry solve complex investment data challenges announced today that its Evaluated Bond Pricing service has expanded coverage from 80,000 bonds to 815,000 bonds globally. This expansion includes a significant increase in coverage across EMEA, APAC, and emerging markets allowing Confluence’s customers to access even more pricing information on a wider range of bonds.

Confluence’s evaluated pricing covers several asset classes and data types including dividends and corporate actions; equity, fund data and FX data; and reference data. The company’s evaluations team, a leading specialist in Canadian Fixed Income data, will now price the new global bond coverage – available on an Intraday or end of day basis and including terms and conditions for all instruments within the database, such as: issuer name, coupon, maturity, currency, ratings, income frequency, security identifiers and flags identifying if the bond is callable, perpetual or floating.

Todd Moyer, President and COO at Confluence, said:

“The expansion of our Evaluated Bond Pricing service to cover 815,000 bonds is a significant milestone for our company. We are excited to offer our customers even more accurate and reliable pricing data across a wider range of bonds, enabling them to make more informed investment decisions.”

An evaluated pricing offering has several potential benefits. It provides a level of transparency that allows investors to have increased confidence in their pricing data; relying on a robust methodology to assess the value of bonds that incorporates data from multiple sources, including trade data, benchmark yields, and issuer financials, to arrive at a fair and accurate price. Another intended benefit of using an evaluated pricing service is that it can help investors comply with regulatory requirements. Regulators require investment firms to mark their portfolios to market or mark them to model, which requires pricing data. By using an evaluated pricing service, investors can increase their ability to meet regulatory requirements while also gaining access to a wealth of pricing data.

Clinton Moseley, Managing Director, Global Data Services at Confluence, said:

“By using our evaluated pricing service, our clients can enjoy increased transparency, comply with regulatory requirements, and gain access to a range of additional features that make it easy to access and use pricing data.”

More details on the asset classes and data types:

Dividends and corporate actions:

  • Integrates a multitude of third-party alliance sources, with over 20 years’ experience in the gathering, processing and custom delivery of corporate action data in a single complete global events feed delivered in a timely manner. These include all significant corporate action elements, cash and/or stock announcements, capital changes and any mandatory and voluntary events.

Equity, fund data and FX data:

  • Confluence offers managed and validated, end-of-day and intra-day snapshots of global equity, fund and FX market prices. Services can be delivered in a single, consolidated, validated file with market closes, Intraday snaps or most recent price available. Coverage includes over 140 exchanges worldwide, and Confluence can provide all significant data fields including bid, ask, high, low, last trade, official close and volume. FX rates are available for over 90 currencies, with forwards available for the world’s major rates.

Reference data:

  • Confluence makes available security descriptive data and sector classifications for all assets. All data required by the investment management community to build and maintain a securities master universe. Available through the systems are all major security identifiers, including exchange tickers and Confluence proprietary symbology, enabling the ability to match and reference data with ease.

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