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Pricing and Valuation Services

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Reduce risk and increases efficiency involved in the pricing of a wide range of securities and funds.

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Reduce risk and increase efficiency

Reduce risk and increase efficiency involved in the pricing of a wide range of securities and funds, using a managed data service model. The investment management community depends on validated data to help meet their requirements for data transparency, operational efficiency, and valuation accuracy. Make use of consolidated pricing and corporate actions data from multiple sources for each security and apply a series of inter-vendor and stand-alone QA processes.

Evaluated bond prices

Independent and comprehensive pricing

Access independent, comprehensive and accurate evaluated market-to-market pricing across global, euro and local debt issues, spanning 40 markets and 25 currencies globally. Services can be delivered in a single, consolidated, validated file with market closes, timely snaps or the most recent price available.

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Equity, Fund and FX Rate Data

Managed and validated, end-of-day and intra-day snapshots

Data from over 140 exchanges worldwide, providing significant data fields including bid, ask, high, low, last trade, official close and volume. Sourcing and feeds are provided by multiple, mutually independent providers with inter-vendor and independent QA processes to ensure our proprietary feeds are consistent and reliable.

Dividends and corporate actions

Comprehensive events on your securities available as you need them

Over 20 years of experience in the gathering, processing, and custom delivery of corporate action data into a single complete global events feed delivered in a timely manner and integrated with a multitude of third-party alliance sources.

Reference data
Security descriptive data and sector classifications for assets

Data required by the investment management community is available to build and maintain a securities master universe. Major security identifiers, including exchange tickers and proprietary symbology are available, enabling you to match and reference data with ease.

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Pricing and Valuation Services
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Pricing and Valuation Services

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