Workflow Issue Two: Q3 2016

Date: July 28, 2016

Key issues for the middle office in asset management firms today.

Since the beginning of February we explored how recent changes will impact on decisions made by COO’s and their teams on the floor responsible for performance measurement, risk analytics and compliance with the regulators.

The launch of Workflow magazine back in May was hugely popular, and so we are delighted to announce issue two:


Double Act
Performance and Risk under the same spotlight

New Insight
The case for combined performance and risk analytics

Single View
Key benefits for asset managers

Measuring Up
Data Leaders versus Data Laggards

Think big. Think precision.
Why big data needs to be smart data

Let me tell you a story
The need for asset managers need to drill down into the narrative

Future Visionaries
Why risk managers command center stage for asset managers today

The Big WHEN
Stress-testing Brexit with combined performance and risk analytics

Download the PDF version here