Why should you bother with GIPS compliance?

Date: April 7, 2011

Industry Training Best Practices

Your firm’s performance and credibility are critical to maintaining clients and attracting new ones. It’s not an outrageous exaggeration to say not having GIPS compliance up to snuff might put you way behind the competition. In a post-Madoff market where your clients expect a higher standard of ethics for performance and risk transparency, you can’t afford not to take GIPS seriously.

The lack of GIPS can position an asset manager’s business as not trustworthy or credible, impacting client acquisition and retention. GIPS compliance can enable you as a standards ambassador and vital function to your clients and your firm. However, while adopting GIPS standards may not be number one on a firm’s to-do list, the business disadvantage is evident, so why stay behind the times?

To dodge all of that, StatPro is offering a practical training course for asset managers.

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StatPro Group plc Chairman, Carl Bacon CIPM, will hold this session. Carl has over 10 years of experience as Chairman of the group.

Participants will work through class lectures, interactive discussions, and practical exercise and team presentations over this 3-day training session.

99 Summer Street, Suite 1660
Boston, Mass. 02446

April 19-21, 2011

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