Virtual Event

Webinar: Investment Performance and COVID-19

Hear Confluence Chief Advisor, Carl Bacon, and other industry experts share insights into the investment performance analytics problems and solutions during the recent times of extreme market volatility on August 12th at IBR Conferences Investment Performance and COVID-19 Webinar.

Topics covered include:

  • The relevance of investment risk measures
    • The value demonstrated by traditional ex-post measures of investment risk
    • The value added by ex-ante risk measures
    • How the ASFA Standard Risk Measure (SRM) has stood up
    • The emerging value of risk adjusted returns
  • Keeping superannuation fund members focussed on long term objectives
    • How the short-term investment returns can be put into perspective by performance analysts
    • The key differences between strategic and tactical performance measures
    • Differentiating between investment fundamentals and market noise
  • Measuring the performance of investments in unlisted assets
    • The issues with calculating meaningful short-term performance of infrequently valued assets
    • Development of useful benchmarks
  • Attribution between market and currency returns for overseas investments
    • The importance of segregating currency from market returns in volatile markets
    • How to provide meaningful currency hedged returns
  • The definition of “Growth” and “Defensive” assets
    • How “Defensive” assets may or may not have justified their description
    • Shortcomings revealed in the Growth/Defensive classifications
  • Investment performance correlations
    • How different asset have actually performed over recent times
    • The effectiveness of traditional asset class diversification has been in reducing portfolio volatility
  • Measuring investment performance of portfolios including derivatives
    • The impact of volatile markets on the performance of portfolios including derivatives
    • Fundamental rules for measuring the performance of derivative instruments
    • Measuring the investment risk of derivatives
  • Issue arising with attribution analysis
    • The impact of extreme market volatility on attribution analysis
    • The value added through risk attribution