The Psychology of Sharing: Take our quiz!

Date: March 5, 2014

From the folks that brought you ‘The Psychology of Sharing’ infographic (that’s us!) we now present, ‘The Psychology of Sharing’ quiz! Previously we showed you that people are motivated to share online for different reasons, and how as individuals we can be characterized as certain types of sharer. So having piqued your curiosity, you may now be wondering what kind of sharer you are. Click the image below and let StatPro enlighten you…

'The Psychology of Sharing’ quiz!

The 6 types of sharers

Not everyone uses social media in the same way and we all have different purposes for why and how we share. Based on a recent study* it has been mooted that we can be categorized into 6 different types of sharers. Our quiz allows you to determine which one of these 6 sharers you are by presenting you with various types of content you might share and asking you to click the one that most applies. The six different types of sharers are; ‘careerist,’ ‘hipster,’ ‘boomerang,’ ‘connector,’ ‘altruist’ and ‘selective’… and you’re one of them! Intrigued? Let’s find out which!

Results in a matter of clicks!

So what happens when you click through to the quiz? You will first be greeted by our six enigmatic sharer stereotypes. Hover over them to quickly see the type of sharer they are, then hit the ‘Start’ button and you’re off! After a brief introduction we’ll present you with five questions. Each question is a grid of six pieces of content that you may or may not be inclined to share. Click the content piece on the first grid that you are most likely to share and that will take you to the next question grid. After you’ve clicked your choice on the fifth grid we’ll show you what kind of sharer you are. You can then share your result or just have another go.

Here at StatPro we take sharing seriously. You can see how we’re now using the concept in our core portfolio analytics software on We believe that sharing is becoming more and more important in the business and professional world, including the asset management sector.

Sharing promotes the spreading of information and hence helps people generate and develop ideas and views around a given idea or topic. One particular topic currently affecting the investment industry is the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. We at StatPro are keeping abreast of what’s happening, but would like to increase awareness and fuel the debate further. That’s why we’re creating a shared resource hub on the AIFMD. We want to help fund managers stay abreast of the issues by sharing as much information on the subject as we can. Keep a look-out for more up-coming information, views and articles on the subject right here on the StatPro website.

*Study carried out by The New York Times

Original ‘Psychology of Sharing’ infographic


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