The New Confluence

Date: July 29, 2020

“If I had asked the people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Our previous website at one point highlighted this quote that’s attributed to Henry Ford. It’s a great line, and while it speaks to the ability that innovators have to create solutions that consumers haven’t even considered, it also acknowledges that consumers have a general sense of what they are missing and what they need.

Marks Blog_Quote 250x250_V4Since we started Confluence in 1991, our clients have been telling us what they want, and today, more than ever before, we are able to deliver. They want enterprise-wide solutions that bring together the data-centric processes in the front, middle and back offices to work efficiently and harmoniously, in service to the end investor. In the early days, they wouldn’t have been able to vocalize what those solutions might look like – and we didn’t know either. With our brand relaunch today, including a new website and brand identity, we are able to represent our ability to bring clients those innovative solutions they have been looking for.

Last fall, Confluence’s acquisition of StatPro brought together two highly complementary businesses that together offer a broad range of data-driven solutions for reducing risk and increasing efficiency in the front, middle and back office. But there was a lot of work to be done to integrate the two companies before we could present to the market the broader, more complete offering we were striving for. The completed organizational integration means that regardless of whether you were originally a Confluence or StatPro client, you now have access to a wider variety of solutions to help you navigate a constantly changing environment where shareholders, clients and regulators demand more data and analytics and the pressures to deliver it all cost effectively are at an all-time high.

While legacy Confluence and StatPro solutions continue to operate as they always have, in many ways we are an entirely new company. That’s why things look a little different today – our website, logos, branding and messaging needed an update to reflect the power of what we are now able to provide. I couldn’t be prouder of the teams that have been working for months, during a pandemic no less, to pull this off, and doing so without there being any interruption in service to our clients.

Just as we’ve transformed our company, we bring our clients transformative solutions to address the challenges they face with risk, performance, regulatory and investor reporting. When we collaborate with our clients, as partners, it’s not just about checking boxes to ensure compliance or to “get things out the door”, it’s about creating exceptional value for these firms and the clients they serve.

As I click through our new website, what we are able to offer the industry today is astounding. Cloud-based portfolio analytics, asset data services and data management. Cutting-edge solutions for regulatory filing and shareholder reporting. Products and platforms for data governance, risk and compliance monitoring, performance management and attribution. Today leveraging the global expertise of our 450+ employees we deliver this broad set of solutions to 400 clients (and counting) in 40 countries, from our locations across North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Asia.

We couldn’t be more excited to re-introduce Confluence to the world and to share the ways we’re helping the industry turn investment data into financial intelligence.


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