The Business Value of Corporate Values

Date: October 29, 2013

I recently read an article published earlier this year in the Harvard Business Review wherein corporate values, and their practice in everyday business, were highlighted as the core of any great culture.  As I reflected on our culture at Confluence, I was inspired to focus on two of our values – Integrity and Service – to share with you here.

We define integrity as facing reality with honesty, courage, and accountability. In practice, integrity means openly discussing difficult or downright unpleasant truths – such as when an expectation is not met, or a breakdown in communication occurs resulting in undesired results. Accepting responsibility for fault where appropriate and taking ownership for rectifying such situations is often challenging, and doing so has enabled us to build a culture wherein we can quickly evaluate the positive and negative results of each decision such that we continually embed the lessons learned into the corporate consciousness.

We define service as commitment to the success of others. In practice, each member of the Confluence team is tasked with thinking about how to make the rest of the organization succeed, and how to help our customers succeed. Speaking personally, thinking of the impact to others before the impact to myself frequently leads to more positive business relationships.

We’d love to hear from you on how you feel Confluence behaves from a values perspective, or how your organization’s values align with your everyday business.