Teamwork Series 3: Give and Take

Date: December 15, 2015

Over the last few weeks we’ve been running StatPro’s Holiday Stress Test, and the interest has been amazing. This week, we look at a third personality type…

StatPro Holiday Stress Test


The Deflector!

Delegation is a sign of leadership. But, whilst the natural impulse of Deflectors is to ask who in the team should take responsibility for any given situation, this could lead some of your colleagues to label you as work shy or as having Teflon shoulders.

That’s not to say deflecting the work to others is always a bad thing. Far from it, especially in today’s financial industry requiring specialist knowledge and expertise. No one person can be expected to handle the amount of data needed for the middle office to operate effectively. We all need every bit of support we can get!

Working together and creating the right culture for positive collaboration are the key points here, as they are for many asset management firms these days looking to develop their service offerings for clients.

So, Deflectors need to use the festive break to appreciate the work that others have done for them. When done properly, having other people on your team and other organisations available to take over responsibilities can lead to greater success. In short the priority for these personality types is to enjoy what they have achieved already and acknowledge the contribution that others have made over the year.

Remember: everyone is an individual, and people will form an opinion about their peers based on the actions of that individual.

Does the Deflector persona sound like you? Take The StatPro Holiday Stress Test to find out. Plus, don’t forget to come back later this week to look at the final profile in our Teamwork Series.


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