Teamwork Series 2: Bending the Rules

Date: December 8, 2015

So, have you had a chance to try StatPro’s Holiday Stress Test yet? To continue from last week, I’m going to look at our second personality type…

StatPro Holiday Stress Test


The Evil Genius

As a multi-tasker who can thrive in any situation, getting organized for the holiday season is a piece of cake.

The ability to spin plates is a real asset at work for the Evil Genius. But Mavericks beware! Finding new ways to collect and analyze data, doing stress-testing and shining under the halo of their own brilliance is fine to a point. But, there’s also this thing called compliance, and just doing your work and not following regulations can pose a risk.

Individuals high in Maverickism are no doubt innovative, independently minded, goal-focused and successful through risk-taking. They are also great people to have in the room when you need a different point of view or someone who can make sense of a complex world.

But Mavericks also need to be wise to the rules and play by them – unless they have a fantasy ‘get out’ clause issued direct by the Regulation Fairy Godmother.

Over the Festive Period, Mavericks would do well to think about their role in the group. They may get away with being an Evil Genius at work, but their Maverick minions at home will soon point out if they are not playing by the rules.

Does the Maverick persona sound like you? Take The StatPro Holiday Stress Test to find out. Don’t forget to come back next week to look at the next personality profile in our Teamwork Series.