StatPro’s Integrated Product Strategy

Date: June 8, 2010

StatPro Seven logoThe Integrated Product Strategy of StatPro offers a wide range of functionality to our clients. Our existing services have been considerably updated and consolidated onto one platform – StatPro Seven. This new hosted service allows our clients to upgrade to a much more cost effective platform than before. The benefits of Software as a Service are clear cut: it costs less, the support is better and more efficient and the system gets updated more frequently.

However, StatPro Seven was designed for Performance and Risk teams, not for the Front Office and increasingly there is demand for more interactive performance, attribution and risk analysis in the Front Office. By Front Office, I mean not only portfolio managers, but also sales teams, analysts, support staff and general managers.

The problem is that systems that offer Front Office performance currently tend to use their own price sources and the result is that performance returns do not reconcile with internal accounting systems and statements of record. Solving this is our key objective.

StatPro Revolution logoStatPro Revolution is a Front Office product that offers performance, attribution and risk (and much more besides) and it also has its own price source (the StatPro Price) and for many companies this might be adequate. However, we have designed StatPro Revolution to integrate with StatPro Seven so that the in-house record data stored in StatPro Seven can be used with StatPro Revolution and so all the numbers will reconcile. Thus for our Existing clients of StatPro Seven, they will be able to use StatPro Revolution as a means to provide interactive analysis to their Front Office and ensure that all the numbers reconcile.

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What is more the business model of Revolution means that our clients can have as many users as they want because we charge per portfolio rather than per terminal and the price per portfolio is extremely competitive.

Revolution will also provide our clients with superb reporting tools and through its API and web services they will be able to customise not only their output but also their analysis. Being a web product it will be available anywhere. Such flexibility is the key to solving many of the current frustrations of portfolio managers with analysis today.

Please let us know your thoughts on our new integrated product strategy!

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