StatPro Workflow Magazine: Issue 11

Date: July 25, 2019

Workflow: Key issues for the middle office in asset management firms today

The latest edition of Workflow is now available and contains an essential round-up of our most recent content.

Workflow Issue 11 - CTA2018 was the year of unpredictability in the asset management world and as we look back on the last six months of 2019, it has not been an easy start to the year.

Markets have been down, geopolitical risks are high and the trend of moving from active to passive investing continues to take center stage alongside fee compression. Against this backdrop, there are still a number of opportunities the asset management industry can leverage to thrive in the future.

Issue 11 of StatPro Workflow includes:

  • The importance of data management for fixed income attribution
  • Solving today’s fixed income attribution challenges
  • Transaction vs holdings-based performance calculations
  • The fuss about factors
  • 5 questions to ask potential performance providers
  • Calculating performance and questions to ask potential providers

Download the PDF version here

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