StatPro Workflow Issue Three: Q4 2016

Date: December 15, 2016

Key issues for the middle office in asset management firms today.

Over recent months we have explored key data challenges for asset managers and how the new generation of performance measurement systems present real opportunities.

In this latest issue of Workflow magazine:

Future dynamics in asset management
Unprecedented opportunities but a myriad of threats

Abnormal Returns Data
The bane of the performance analyst

Data Challenge – Data Opportunity
Views in brief from asset management industry commentators

Poor Data Control
Key asset management challenges for 2017 and how to respond

Pinch Points
How asset managers can make calculation windows their flexible friend

Four Pillars
New developments in performance measurement to make life simpler for asset managers

The Art of Perfection
Nanotech and the Perfect Nude

The Evils of Office Work are Everywhere!
But Revolution Man and his new generation of StatPro super heroes are coming to the rescue! Our Christmas Card campaign with opportunities to bid for some amazing costumes. All proceeds donated to Unicef.

Download the PDF version here


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