StatPro Revolution Update – July 2014

Date: July 28, 2014

It’s our summer release and we’re excited to introduce two new analysis features along with an update on our social responsibility project in South Africa.

StatPro Revolution’s new Batch Reporting feature offers enhanced reporting with saved settings allowing for quicker production of multiple reports.  The new Alternative Settings feature means you can create and switch between analysis settings more easily and create multiple ‘child’ analyses from the same parent portfolio. We also wanted to give you an update and say a big thank you as StatPro Revolution clients for being part of our corporate social responsibility project in South Africa. It’s because of you that StatPro have been able to continue to support the education of underprivileged children and share our success with one of our communities.

Batch reporting

Run multiple reports against multiple portfolios using our new batch reporting feature. This simple three step process allows you to select multiple portfolios before selecting from our library of reports. You can save your selections and report settings, allowing you to return at any time to re-run the batch.

Batch Reporting in StatPro Revolution

Alternative Settings

You can now create child portfolios from any parent directly within the analysis screen, allowing you to change the analysis settings and save them for easier retrieval. This allows you to view your portfolios in many different ways with alternative analysis settings for each child. Switching analysis settings between different benchmarks, currencies or classifiers is now easy and doesn’t require a re-calculation.

Alternative Settings in StatPro Revolution

Reuters DataScope Reference Data

In this release we have added Reuters DataScope reference data to our extended bond universe. This reference data consists of descriptive data, industry classifications, cross-referencing symbols/identifiers as well as historical changes affecting reference data. We now have reference data for 3.5 million fixed income securities available in StatPro Revolution. This development brings additional value to the StatPro Revolution service by enabling cross-referencing identifiers for a large and global universe of fixed income assets.

Social Responsibility

Thanks to you we’ve been able to continue our commitment to educating underprivileged children in South Africa. This year we partnered with Claremont High School, a maths and science school in Cape Town which only admits underprivileged students. As well as donating towards unpaid school fees, StatPro has promised to sponsor a teacher to help reduce overcrowded classrooms. Our pledge to support the education of disadvantaged children in South Africa means that StatPro and our clients are helping to share our success with our community. Read more about our social responsibility projects on

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