StatPro Revolution Update – December 2013

Date: December 9, 2013

This release includes the second part of the advanced portfolio sharing and user management roll out, new reports and enhancements to the annualized performance dashboard and stock-level attribution. 

We think it’s very exciting. Read more below:

User management and portfolio sharing: Invite non-users to StatPro Revolution so you can share your portfolio analysis. Following a quick, easy, yet entirely secure sign-up and verification process they can see theportfolio content you’ve chosen to share without having to rely on traditional methods like PDF or Excel. A new system of notifications gives you social network style updates on sharing, sharing requests, and new user requests making the whole experience seamless and secure.

Investment summary report: designed for Independent Advisors this report communicates the general condition of the fund to their end-clients. The report summarizes the portfolio’s performance, historical risk, construction and allocation trends over any given time.

Stress tests added to VaR report: our existing VaR report has been enhanced to include the impact of standard stress tests from the Risk dashboard on your portfolio (total and segment-level).

Annualized performance dashboard: we have added an additional table view with full breakdown of multi-period performance results.

Stock-level attribution: in addition to existing breakdown, showing all securities, you can now also roll-up portfolio constituents into segments, as per your chosen classification scheme.

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