StatPro Revolution – Power to Analytics!

Date: October 29, 2015

StatPro Revolution has a new strap line. Power to Analytics!

Revolution-logoWhat does this mean and why did we change it? The StatPro Revolution platform has gone through massive changes since we launched back in March 2011. We’re preparing to make the 65th release of the product later in November. The volume of functionality delivered and enhancements made have been staggering over that period of time. Try to think of another portfolio analytics platform that has had so many updates made available to ALL clients in such a short space of time, without any IT upgrade projects for the client to manage. You can’t, Revolution is unique in that sense.

StatPro Revolution is unique in other ways too. We’re making the analytics within the platform more powerful than ever, supporting multiple asset-classes, always including market data and expanding the ways clients can interact with the system and its calculated data. We thought of many potential new strap lines and it wasn’t easy picking a winner. We wanted to reflect the changes in the product and how we’re continuing to add new analytical functionality, but we also wanted to stay ‘revolutionary’! The ‘Power to…’ element satisfies both of these requirements.

The investment management industry is going through many changes and the middle office functions need to stay efficient while trying to keep up with ever increasing volumes of data and reporting requirements, not to mention the regulatory environment. For asset managers to stay ahead of the game, they need to ensure they have the right tools for the job. In the areas of performance measurement, risk analysis, compliance monitoring and distribution, this needs POWER!

Cloud computing, modern software architecture and new data structures gives us this power. This power can be delivered to our clients as their requirements grow. No need for clients to manage server upgrades or technology refreshes, it’s just a matter of expanding usage, adding data and bringing as many users on board as they need.

In 2016 we will be launching a new hyper-scalable performance measurement system as part of the StatPro Revolution platform. This new data management and performance system will have access to vast amounts of computing power to enable entirely new time frames when it comes to calculating accurate portfolio performance data. More news on that to come as we head into 2016.

In the meantime, the revolution continues, Power to Analytics!


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