Managed Risk Outsourcing Service


Proactive risk management helping clients focus on their core activities.

Performance Workflow Dashboard

Bringing experience and technology together

Proactive risk management helps you get back to focusing on your core activities. Bringing together specialized skills, processes and technology, you can transform the way you manage risk and compliance.

Consulting and daily risk analysis

Unparalleled value

Experienced risk specialists conduct daily analysis and quality assurance of risk results. Helping you fulfil your regulatory obligations and stay ahead of any regulatory requirement changes.

Scale and power

Award-winning risk measurement

Reduce costs by leveraging technology to achieve efficiency and benefit from the scale and power of the risk analysis solution used, where accuracy is paramount.

Reliable numbers

Processing and daily operation

Optimize daily calculation of accurate risk results available in Revolution and in customized reports for your portfolios through enhanced monitoring by experienced risk specialists.

Managed Risk Outsourcing Service

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Managed Risk Outsourcing Service

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