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Performance & Analytics

Flexible, controlled and self-service portfolio analysis reporting.

Every portfolio is a network

Every end user of portfolio analytics is different. Everyone wants to see the analysis in a way that makes sense to them and their role. Easily meet all stakeholder’s portfolio presentation requirements for your portfolios and distribute your portfolio analysis digitally and securely via Portfolio Sharing with customizable permissioning and end-to-end encryption. Enable your clients and stakeholders to self-serve, reducing reporting overheads while enhancing your end user’s experience.

Digital Distribution

Seamlessly provide self-service portfolio analytics to internal or external stakeholders via portfolio sharing and give users access to your reports automatically as soon as calculations have finished after imports or restrict users to signed-off analytics to ensure data accuracy and reduce support.

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Compelling, insightful Reporting

Intuitive, visual analysis

Leverage a library of detailed and visual charts and customizable table components that allow you to customize portfolio analysis for each of your stakeholders. Interactive components allow you and your stakeholders to drill into segment analysis and gain valuable insights. Security-level analysis can be restricted to the end user with only high-level needs.

Custom analysis

User interface flexibility

Create custom visual web-based analysis dashboards for each user role in your account for performance, attribution and risk analysis. Each component in our extensive component library can be added to your dashboards, which in turn can be grouped into menus and distributed to each user role.

Users of all kinds can log into a single platform and see analysis that has been designed specifically for them, enhancing service levels and extending the value of your offering to all stakeholders.

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Customized and automated reports

Create customizable reports, leveraging access to over 900 measures, outputting to database, XML, CSV, Microsoft Office formats, and PDF. With flexible report building including overrides and custom formulas you can provide granular portfolio analytics to your clients enhancing transparency and improving communication.

Sophisticated portfolio analytics

Quick and easy access

Provide your clients with quick and easy access to sophisticated portfolio analytics with multi-lingual reporting and deliver value-added services to your clients.

Bespoke reporting

Flexible report builder

Create customized reports with granular cascading options on every measure, table, report and selection, and easily build sophisticated reports with bespoke analytics using custom formulas and integration with Excel.


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