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Hosted Portfolio Management and Investment Accounting

Performance & Analytics

Full-featured, comprehensive portfolio management, analytics and investment accounting hosted solution.

Hosted, robust and scalable

In today’s constantly changing global financial marketplace, investment professionals are continually faced with new challenges. The need for a functionally rich and dynamic portfolio management, analytics and investment accounting solution is essential to meet your clients’ needs, increase efficiency and boost productivity.

Better portfolio management

Increased efficiency and productivity

The right investment portfolio management software is a key component to meeting your investment goals. Better portfolio management and investment decisions are achieved with clean data and accurate results.

Sophisticated asset management solution

Deciding what and when to purchase

Portfolio management is about selecting the right investments to meet the objectives of the portfolio. It’s about matching performance goals with acceptable levels of risk and reporting investment decisions for clients.

Tailored client solutions

Functionally rich technology

A suite of modules that provide a full range of tools for portfolio management and investment accounting empowers you with the ability to set up and operate in a way that meets your specific business requirements.

Scalability and superior reporting

Dynamic processing and management capability

Automatically scale to handle large data volumes and easily create customized reports creating a centralized processing and management workflow.

Hosted Portfolio Management and Investment Accounting

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Hosted Portfolio Management & Investment Accounting

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