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Reduce cost and gain scalability by calculating and disseminating rate-of-return performance data daily with one end-to-end process.

Calculate, customize and deliver performance reporting faster

Reduce costs, decrease risk, elevate service levels, and increase scalability by calculating and disseminating daily rate-of-return performance data with one end-to-end process. By automating the collection of data, the creation of returns and reports, and the confirmation of calculations, your team can quickly deliver fund performance and pricing data in multiple formats to multiple channels.

Ensure consistent results

Automate performance calculations

Ensure calculations are sent through the same channel and the same data is utilized for all recipients. Collect and store more than 200 data fields, including NAVs, dividends, capital gains, net assets, and expense ratios to ensure consistency. Efficiently automate all return and yield calculations, from simple to complex, such as after-tax calculations or borrowed parent-class performance with adjusted expense ratios.

Fund Performance

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Fund Performance

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