Investor Communications

Increase efficiency through automated workflow and the production of annual statutory and summary prospectuses.

Automate the creation of statutory and summary prospectuses

Automate the production of annual statutory and summary prospectuses from one system. With sophisticated features like an integrated content library and controlled workflow, along with role-based access and approvals, your team will collaborate from start to finish to create consistent digital/print-ready reports.

Accuracy Between Reporting Periods

Reusable content library

Ensure consistency in disclosures between funds of the same sponsor and between reporting periods with content updates to multiple documents from a reusable content library.

Eliminate manual draft review

Version control with black-line review

With a system that automatically tracks changes with electronic mark up, manual line-by-line draft review is no longer necessary. Enhance version control over content changes, achieve greater accuracy, and recover time for more important tasks.

Skip the Typesetter

Automated creation of print-ready documents

Automatically turn raw content into digital/print prospectuses in multiple languages to support your global business. There are no hand-offs or wait times associated with typesetters; through automated workflow with role-based user access and a robust audit trail, you can follow status indicators and tracked changes along the way, ensuring confidence in your data and delivery.


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