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Financial Reporting

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Reduce time with end-to-end automated content creation and with digital/print-ready output.

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Take control of financial reporting with one end-to-end solution

Produce critical shareholder documents and disclosures with automated consistency and control – from data source validation and content creation to digital/print-ready documents and reports that are ready for publishing.

Save time and gain transparency

Consistent validated data from source to output

Automatically collect data from upstream systems, validate it against historical data and quickly identify and clear any exceptions. Ensure accuracy and transparency while reducing review times with bulk processing and automated checks and controls that are run by the system during financial statement generation.

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Reduce rework

Exception-based reviews

Instead of traditional full financial preparation, re-imagine business processes to focus on remediation of exceptions with automatic reviews of statement data to user-defined business rules.

Skip the Typesetter

Digital/print-ready automated publishing

Automatically turn approved financial statement values and content into highly stylized digital/print-ready shareholder reports and ready-to-file, EDGAR-compliant output. There are no hand-offs or wait times associated with typesetters. Automated workflow with role-based user access and a robust audit trail allows you to follow status indicators and tracked changes along the way, ensuring confidence in your data and delivery.

Financial Reporting

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Financial Reporting

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