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Investment Data Warehouse

Data Technology & Services

Agile investment data management.

Consistent, reliable repository of clean data

Agile investment data management that reduces the implementation time, increases ROI and allows you to control and adapt the solution.

Mitigate risk

Centralized data source

With increased regulatory scrutiny, having one centralized data source is essential to ensure that you have a consistent, reliable data repository.

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Easily accessible information

Simple ecosystem

Isolate system dependencies and consolidate data across departments, business units and companies, with the ability to query, slice, dice, control and enrich static and reference data.

Complete flexibility

Evolve as requirements change

Complete flexibility delivered by efficient toolkits, best practice data schemas or completely bespoke IDM systems, without any prescribed format for data schemas or importing existing data files.

Tailored solution

Agile approach to investment data management

Installed or hosted solution coupled with a consultative approach to implementation puts you in control.

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Investment Data Warehouse

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Investment Data Warehouse

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