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Efficient and cost-effective solution for finding and integrating accessible, quality benchmarks for performance and risk analysis.

Efficient and cost-effective benchmarks

For the investment management community, the challenge of managing the volume, complexity and spiraling costs of index data is an immediate priority. To address this challenge, we have invested in a series of ‘index initiatives’, creating an efficient and cost-effective solution for finding and integrating accessible, quality benchmarks for performance and risk analysis.

Enterprise Benchmark Service

Enterprise Benchmark Service (EBS) is a suite of fully managed services that helps you address the increasing volume and complexity of index, reference, and benchmark data.

Data management efficiency and increased data quality

Fully managed service

Reduce the level of resources required for data management by enhancing the efficiency of overall data processes and increasing data quality.

Global benchmark service

Clear and simple access

Normalized data across vendors, in plug-and-play or customizable formats, simplifies the task of fanning the service to multiple platforms and applications in the investment process. Access to a single, global benchmark service provides market leading index coverage at series and constituent level for both fixed income and equity families.

Constituent or index level data

Total coverage

Support constituent or index level data, and delivery of custom and composite (blended) indexes, with global coverage of over 50 leading multi-asset, index and ETF providers.

The Freedom Index

Challenging and disrupting the market for benchmark distribution and licensing, while also expanding coverage on a geographical, asset class and frequency basis, the Freedom Index provides free, open and independent indexes for use by the asset management community worldwide.

Free, open and independent indexes

Daily Market Cap and Sector Indexes

The Freedom Index provides index information for the UK, US, Australian and South African markets.

Index Benchmark Services

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Index Benchmark Services

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