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ESG Indices and Benchmarks

Data Technology & Services

Implement sustainable investment strategies and products or test adherence of portfolios to ESG standards.

Efficient, cost-effective indices

Implement sustainable investments strategies and products and test adherence of portfolios to ESG standards.

Sustainable investments

Align investment and ESG objectives

Align investment and ESG objectives while ensuring low tracking errors with the comparable “standard” index and give exposure to the most compelling investment themes linked to sustainable development.

Index solutions for investors

Innovative & diversified offering

With more than 60 indices ranging from Broad Market Indices with exclusions, Broad Market ESG Indices and Thematic ESG Indices, you will be able to easily meet the needs of sustainable investors.

Confidence in experience

Market pioneer

More than 20 years of expertise and designed to respond to the needs of an ever-growing market demonstrates a proven ability to translate the most innovative themes into an Investable Index.

All Indices are ESMA compliant as we are a Registered Benchmark Administrator and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority

ESG Indices and Benchmarks

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