Custom Reporting Solution from Confluence. Intelligent management of report structures and content, accountability through clear workflow.

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Custom Reporting Solution

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Intelligent management of report structures and content, accountability through clear workflow and an automatic audit trail.

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Intelligent reporting production

Scalable and automated reporting solution providing intelligent management around report structures and content, and accountability through a clear workflow process and an automatic audit trail. Easily integrate new data sources, amend existing reports or build new reports and link directly to your existing data warehouse.

Customized reports

Configure and controlled

Images, colors, page exclusions, commentary and priority can all be configured and controlled at four different levels of the report pack hierarchy, allowing you to edit the look, feel and content of standard report packs with fully customizable reporting. Flexible reporting structures, utilizing Microsoft SSRS, allow you to build, maintain and customize reports to improve flexibility and reduce costs.

Team Configuring Reports Together

Simplified report production

Scalable production line

By taking control of a complex process, you can easily pull data from multiple sources, and at scale, ensuring an efficient production line.

Comprehensive workflow

Control and visibility

Benefit from a comprehensive workflow and audit trails, enhancing control and visibility.

Custom Reporting Solution

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Custom Reporting Solution

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