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Complex Asset Pricing

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Easy and transparent valuations of over the counter (OTC) derivatives and complex assets.

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Pricing functions for easy and transparent valuations

Covering a vast number of pricing functions for easy and transparent valuations of over the counter (OTC)derivatives and complex assets.

Extensive coverage

Comprehensive library

Comprehensive library including more than 350 pricing functions and multiple payoffs, incorporating major markets and exchanges across the globe.

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Sophisticated performance and risk analytics

Advanced models and capabilities

Easily meet pricing needs for a wide range of ‘hard to price’ assets by combining sophisticated in-house pricing methodologies with a wide range of supporting data from leading providers.

Cost effective pricing

Independent, transparent and accurate approach

Increase efficiency and improve the regulatory compliance in frameworks such as MiFID, Ucits, and AIF with an independent, transparent and comprehensive approach to pricing.

Reliable High Quality Data Valuations

Reliable valuations

High quality data

Quickly deliver reliable valuations for derivatives and complex assets in combination with high quality market data inputs from blue chip data providers only.

Complex Asset Pricing

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Complex Asset Pricing

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