Press Release: Confluence Launches Rex 2.0, the Next-Generation AI Solution

Rex 2.0 unlocks capabilities beyond reconciliation to produce extraordinary efficiency gains for the investment management industry.

Pittsburgh, PA, June 20, 2024 – Confluence Technologies, Inc. (“Confluence”), a global technology solutions provider for regulatory, analytics, and investor communications, today announced Rex 2.0, a significant advancement of its AI-powered SaaS offering that delivers capabilities beyond TSR/Annual Report reconciliation, allowing the investment management industry to gain a new level of operational efficiencies and insights.

Last year, Confluence launched Rex 1.0, an AI-powered solution that offers intelligent reconciliation between Tailored Shareholder Reports and annual financial reports. Rex 2.0 expands the document-to-document reconciliation capabilities, covering use cases such as reconciling annual reports with prospectuses, excel working papers with annual report PDFs, quarterly reports with annual reports, and prospectuses with KIID documents.

Rex 2.0 also expands capabilities beyond reconciliation such as intelligent data extraction, validation, and transformation with unstructured documents. These are the first sets of capabilities of Financial Document Intelligence, a new innovative way to work with unstructured documents that couldn’t be done with traditional technologies, giving investment managers unprecedented efficiency and access to insights.

One example of the new applications of Rex 2.0 is intelligent data extraction from unstructured documents to the Confluence Portfolio Analytics and Reporting (PARis) platform. This capability automates data extraction from unstructured documents such as private market capital account statements, call/distribution notices, hedge fund statements, and other investment account files to the PARis analytics engine, dramatically improving data acquisition efficiency and quality. Confluence plans to expand the use of Rex 2.0’s Financial Document Intelligence to other Analytics products for more complete and deeper coverage of client portfolios.

Chris Evans, CTO at Confluence, said

“We are excited to launch our revolutionary Rex 2.0 solution, which marks another significant step in our AI innovation. Working with unstructured data has been a long-standing challenge in the industry. Rex 2.0 addresses this need to transform unstructured data into useful insights in seconds, delivering real business value for the investment management industry.”

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