Infostore enables seamless migration to StatPro Revolution for European regulatory risk services bureau

Infostore enables seamless migration to StatPro Revolution for European regulatory risk services bureau

StatPro Group’s acquisition of the European regulatory risk services bureau, ODDO-BHF, has been seamlessly migrated from a legacy risk management solution to StatPro’s cloud-based platform, Revolution, using the data warehouse and ETL product Infostore, part of StatPro’s Infovest Division.

The risk services bureau was acquired by StatPro Group in July 2018, enhancing StatPro’s offering to include a managed regulatory risk service and adding new clients to StatPro’s client base in Germany and Luxembourg.

The project to migrate StatPro’s new managed service to StatPro Revolution began shortly after the acquisition, using Infostore – a flexible and robust data repository – and Infoflow – a workflow and ETL tool that enables data integration in and out of Infostore.

Jenny Donaldson, Director at Infovest, reports that the integration process was seamless and headache-free for the managed service and its clients. “Clients did not have to re-engineer their data flows, as we built a data integration layer enabling each client to migrate from the legacy risk management application to Revolution without any effort.  What could have proven to be a key challenge was overcome by Infostore’s robust data integration features.”

“We used their existing source data and built a multi-client data integration solution whereby Infostore generated the data format and content as required by Revolution,” Donaldson says. “As the clients were already providing data in a predefined format and structure, Infostore’s robust and flexible integration layers shielded clients from any impact during testing and migration.”

The migration has given the managed services bureau a single view of all client data, and automated numerous manual processes – therefore enhancing efficiencies.



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