FTF Exchange Podcast: Seeing the ESG Requirement as a Data Challenge

Date: March 3, 2022
In a new FTF Exchange podcast, Todd Moyer, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Confluence, explains that financial services firms that want to meet investor requirements for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance will find that it boils down to a data challenge that would be helped by greater transparency.

“An area of focus for Confluence, and I think for the industry in general, is really ESG. We see ESG as data challenge at the core,” Moyer says. “Here at Confluence we’re really focused on making it easy to combine ESG metrics and other kinds of risk and performance indicators to streamline the integration of this into the investment and risk management process.”

This approach to the ESG requirement could be seen as the culmination of Confluence’s growth strategy over the past three years.

In November of last year, Confluence, backed by Clearlake Capital and TA Associates, acquired Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS), a cloud-based regulatory technology solutions vendor. In addition, Confluence acquired Investment Metrics, a provider of investment data, performance, analytics, and research software solutions. And in 2019, Confluence acquired StatPro Group, a provider of cloud-based portfolio analytics, asset data services and data management tools.

Moyer provides insight into those acquisitions and the overall strategy of building, partnering, and acquiring in order to grow the company.

“We’ve hit the ground running, relative to integrating the businesses,” Moyer says. “We closed those acquisitions at the end of December and we’re already actively in conversations with the market for ways to accelerate and continue to grow the joint platforms.”

In the podcast, he also covers:

  • What a Regulatory Book of Record (RBOR) is and how it is related to data management;
  • The importance of advancing what is offered for portfolio analytics;
  • The company’s move into the asset owner and asset allocator market spaces;
  • How Confluence plans to stay ahead of fast-moving dynamics in the securities markets;
  • And how clients are requiring vendors to provide APIs, open architectures, open-sourced software, and cloud & cloud-native technologies.


Listen to the full podcast on FTF’s website here.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this communication is for informational purposes only. Confluence/StatPro is not providing, legal, financial, accounting, compliance or other similar services or advice through this communication. Recipients of this communication are responsible for understanding the regulatory and legal requirements applicable to their business

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