Foggy Thinking

Date: September 5, 2011

It is really interesting speaking with different companies in the financial markets. Some people really get the new cloud technology but for most people they are still a bit lost in the fog. It isn’t surprising as the change that cloud technology is imposing is extremely radical: sweeping away swathes of existing infrastructure and processes. People need time to adjust. Imagine what people said when the first cars were introduced. Some could see that they would get much more powerful and useful and spawn lorries and tractors and all manner of varieties of locomotion. Others would have focused on their present short comings; unreliable, uncomfortable and not very fast or powerful. The key thing is that the implacable economic and practical logic of the automobile swept all before it.

More modern phenomena seem to flow exclusively from Apple with their amazing range of MacBooks, iPods, iPhones and iPads – none of which we needed not so long ago but now cannot do without. None of these even invented anything, just made what already existed really easy to use (and beautiful). So with Cloud computing. The technology allows the sharing of information on a giant scale. It also allows the computation of formulae at a speed, scale and complexity which was lately unthinkable.

All that makes cloud technology suddenly appropriate for the biggest industry in the world – The Financial Markets. Being able to share information that was previously trapped inside terminals or in the data silos that litter every organization and do so instantly, changes everything.

StatPro Revolution enables users to sell their services better by providing transparency and enabling managers to share analysis with investors without any complication or installation. Because the information is in one place anything is possible. We called it Revolution because we knew the technology would change everything. You should take a look.

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