Every portfolio is a network

Date: April 11, 2013

The simplest ideas are the ones that inspire change the most.

  StatPro Revolution is based on a simple idea: why not let everyone have access to their own portfolio and let them look at whatever analysis they want, when they want? Why should we have to wait for someone else to send us a report? Who says that the report tells us something that we are interested in or is even up to date? Of course, because in the past, this nice idea was impossible, we put up with waiting, but now it is possible, well what are we waiting for?

If you think about it, every portfolio is a network. There is someone who owns it, someone who advised about it, someone who manages it, someone who checks it is complying with regulations, someone who needs to be sure it is profitable, someone who might have sold it, someone who might be offering support, someone who worries about its risk and someone who might have fiduciary responsibility for it: all these people have an active interest in knowing what is going on in that portfolio at any given time. If you then overlay the network of one portfolio with the networks of other portfolios, it quickly becomes clear that the number of relationships are extremely complex. That is why a system that offers this needs to have designed this feature from scratch and have the right architecture to deliver such complex sharing.

StatPro Revolution manages this easily because it was always designed to do so. Because it is in one place, with one version of software, it is also very quick to update and improve. With previous software, it took at least one year from start of development to installation and production with a single client, but normally 18 months to two years. To be in production with all clients was never possible or practical. With StatPro Revolution, the time between development to production for all clients is eight weeks! This massive improvement in development productivity is a huge benefit to clients who can now realistically ask for new features and improvements and see them added in record time.

So, it would be great if you, our clients, felt you could write up the features you think will be of benefit to your organisation. We are trying to be democratic; the more people that ask for a feature, the more likely it will be done sooner than features that have little support. Small features will also get done sooner than ideas that will require significant investment.

So tell us about:

  • Things that annoy you
  • Things that could be faster or more elegantly done
  • New analysis that might reuse existing components but provide great insight
  • Or anything you like

We will respond to all requests.

Best wishes

Justin Wheatley, Group CEO

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