Enquiring Minds Want to Know…about Revolution

Date: August 11, 2011

StatPro Webinar Banner

We recently ran our first in a series of webinars: 3 Reasons to Use Cloud Technology for Portfolio Analytics and Reporting, which proved to be a great success. Many tuned in to get a better understanding of what StatPro Revolution is and how it works, and the Q&A session that followed proved to be lively. Well, virtually speaking.

What we found most interesting was the clear hunger that webinar participants demonstrated for StatPro Revolution’s capabilities. In a survey we conducted post-event, participants explained that the most compelling features StatPro Revolution has to offer are:

  • “Ease of installation, scalability and access to the product”
  • “Cost and ability for other people in the organization to have access to the portfolio”
  • “Flexibility of access and pricing”
  • “The potential integration into our products to fill a gap”

As for what reports are most important, all respondents indicated that performance reports are the most important followed by Attribution, Risk and Fixed Income Attribution reports. Yes, they can all be found in the Revolution platform – request a free trial to find out for yourself!  If you attended and you’d like to contribute to our survey, you can do so here.

In looking at the questions that emerged after the session, we realized our clients and prospective users fall into two main camps: those who want help understanding how the product works now, and those who want to know where it’s heading. Each of the questions we fielded were important — from the most straightforward, such as “What kind of Fixed Income Attribution is included?” (Answer: There is a yield curve based fixed income attribution model available within StatPro Revolution. Returns and contributions can be decomposed into carry, yield curve, spread and other effects), to the more complex, like, “Can portfolios be shared with people outside the organization as well?” (Answer: Portfolio sharing is designed for sharing portfolio analyses to users within your secure area of our database. This means they must be registered StatPro Revolution users, either within your organization or from outside. You can have up to 100 users per portfolio within StatPro Revolution so you can share analysis with people from anywhere).

Others asked when the software development kit (SDK) will be available to open up the platform even further to customization (Answer: Within 6-12 months.)

The only question that wasn’t asked is one that we’ve already covered — “Can I try before I buy?” The answer to that one is a resounding “Yes,” and you can find out how by clicking here. With that, you’ll be joining the ranks of asset managers from custodians, RIAs and broker-dealer firms who have chosen to take their portfolio analytics into the cloud to enable even higher levels of performance analysis and client service. We encourage you to experience the Revolution, log into the platform now to check out the changes to the home page and new self help videos.

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