Confluence Connect: Issue 3

Date: February 24, 2022
Complex Challenges, Straightforward Solutions

While we were all busy in 2021 dealing with the global pandemic subsiding in the middle of the year and then roaring back toward the end of the year, our industry was still moving along as it always does, continuing to deal with complex business challenges.

As we all know, complex business challenges are nothing new to the global investment management industry as the pace of regulation, the need for scale and efficiency, and intense competition remains omnipresent. While asset owners, asset managers and asset servicers deal with the complexities associated with running their day-to-day businesses, they are always seeking the expertise to help them make the right decisions and the solutions to help them service their customers.

With conferences picking up and face-to-face discussions coming back, albeit slowly, we look forward to seeing you out and about very soon. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy this edition of Confluence Connect magazine.

Issue 3 of Confluence Connect includes:

  • Seeking Balance: Managing Insurance Portfolios Under Solvency II
  • Making the Right Adjustments: Managing Liquidity Risk for SEC Rule 22e-4 Compliance
  • Efficiency in the Aggregate: Why Private Wealth Managers Should Adopt Composites
  • Aite Matrix: Fixed Income Attribution and Analytics


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