Confluence Connect: Issue 2

Date: July 29, 2021
Connect: Key issues for the global fund industry today

Over the past 18 months we have been through some of the craziest times the world and the industry have ever seen – yet we survived, and dare I say, we even thrived.

While we may be living in the “new normal”, the old, everyday challenges that we’ve faced for years and have been working to solve still exist. Back at the forefront of everything we do is the need for technology and innovation. As we begin to see the pandemic in our rearview mirror, we still see some of the same old requirements on the road ahead – reducing costs and operational risks, improving data quality, and delivering compelling and worthwhile products to our customers.

Issue 2 of Confluence Connect includes:

  • More Than Compliance: Setting the Scene for the Next Phase of RegTech
  • How Asset Managers Can Thrive in an ESG-Focused World
  • The Front, Middle and Back Office aren’t What They Used to Be
  • Confluence Connect Podcast Episode 1: Navigating Today’s Regulatory Landscape

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