Best of 2015: Another year of new regulations, compliance, automation and a drive toward back-office defragmentation.

Date: January 14, 2016

Before reading our predictions for next year, why not have a look back at our most read blog posts for 2015 where our experts have addressed the regulatory and compliance issues, as well as operational challenges, the asset management industry faced.

Regulatory Black Hole

On the back of a vote at the U.S. Senate on the Customer Protection and End User Relief Act, Paul Soltis writes about how politics have been taking over regulatory issues, both from an operational and a product point of view.

When Transparency is Really Opaque

After the January filings cycle of the AIFMD, the industry realized that some of the technical requirements of the Annex IV Transparency Report were still challenging for both regulators and filers. Bao Chau Nguyen took a close look at the dilemmas around those still very opaque transparency requirements.

The Performance Measurement Trifecta: Team, System and Operating Model

In the performance measurement field, understanding what is relevant and of value to the end clients has become more important than ever as client demands and expectations are always increasing and ever changing. Katie Kiss talked about the importance of having an adaptable and flexible performance measurement system to deliver tailored and accurate information to the clients, on top of the usual returns and attribution results.

Take a Step Back

Ever since the beginning of the financial crisis, firms have been busy plugging the holes of their data management processes to comply with the ever growing number of data points they have to report to the regulators. In this blog, Todd Moyer explained why quick fixes have limited results over the long term and why manual processes can no longer be the norm.

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