A proposed new report for investment advisors

Date: February 20, 2013

Download Portfolio Objective Assessment reportStatPro is keen to ensure our reports are useful to all users. We’d therefore welcome your feedback on our proposed new report: StatPro Revolution Portfolio Objective Assessment created with Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and private wealth managers in mind. While other less savvy advisors are snail-mailing their clients cookie-cutter spreadsheet style reports, StatPro Revolution users have the ability to produce comprehensive and professional reports their clients will actually understand! No postage is necessary as the pdf outputs from StatPro Revolution can be easily emailed and shared, daily, weekly, whenever your clients demand it.

StatPro recently shared this proposed report with over 100 RIAs at the 2013 TD Ameritrade Conference and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We found that the analysis could fill a reporting gap felt by many RIAs today. We also heard you say your clients don’t have the time to weed through a 10 page summary of their portfolio performance and neither do you. The beauty of the proposed Portfolio Objective Assessment is that it’s a single page loaded with the most pertinent information your clients want and need and takes only seconds to prepare.

The aim of the report is to show clients where their money is allocated, what their performance is versus a benchmark and how wealth has been preserved and/or created. Unique tools such as the wealth productivity gauge could visually show your clients if they have performed better or worse than the benchmark.

Get more pertinent information to your clients faster and for less. It just makes sense! To feed into the development of this report please email [email protected]

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