5 things to look out for when investing in cloud & SaaS technology – Infographic

Date: October 15, 2014

The adoption of cloud-based SaaS (Software As A Service) applications is growing. 

More and more businesses are seeing the advantages of moving from expensive, in-house hardware and taking advantage of the flexibility and value offered by the cloud. And there are so many advantages to running SaaS applications from the cloud as part of your work flow. However, some software vendors claim to offer a cloud-based solution when in fact it is just a reworked legacy product, this is termed as ‘cloudwash’. Your business will only see the full benefit of SaaS and the cloud if you choose an application which is built from the ground up with these technologies in mind. So how do you tell the difference? This infographic shows five things to look out for when investing in new cloud & SaaS technology, to give you an advantage over your competitors.

Pure cloud SaaS vs Cloudwash - Infographic

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