May 17 – 23 2021

Confluence are excited to announce our 2021 Expect Miracles Foundation fundraising challenge and welcome each of you to participate in two upcoming events.

The 2nd Annual Expect Miracles (social) Distance Challenges are virtual individual and team distance challenges to see how far we can go to help save lives. We hope that all will join a team for this worthy charity.

  1. Go to our team fundraising page using these links:
  2. Once on the page, click on "Join Team"
  3. On the registration page, click the + button and then click "register"
  4. When you complete your registration to join that team, you will receive an email with the subject line: "Welcome to the 2nd Annual Expect Miracles (social) Distance Challenge." Open that email and click on the button labeled "Start Fundraising." This will allow you to create a login for the Classy fundraising system we are using for the Distance Challenge. 
  5. Once you have created your login and are logged into Classy, you will be on your fundraising page. At the top right of your page is "Manage" - click that to be able to customize your fundraising page, including changing your profile photo and personalizing your message on your page (called Story on Classy). The more personal you make your page, the easier it is to fundraise. For example, if you share your fundraising page on social media, the post will include the profile photo from your page as well as the header on your page that defaults to "Thanks for visiting my fundraising page!"