StatPro Revolution Update – June 2014

Date: June 2, 2014

Over the weekend we updated our systems and our 58th release is now live. 

We want to let you know about some of the changes and enhancements we’ve made and as always we’d love to hear your feedback on the product.

You can do this via the online support platform within StatPro Revolution, just click on the Support icon in the top menu and then submit a new request.

So, what updates have we made in this release?

New reporting features

As well as instant reports, you can now select multiple portfolios and multiple reports together to run as a batch. Once the reports have been created they are stored on our system ready for you to download at any time. You will be able to access any report you have created and download them as many times as you need. In our next release we plan to enhance reporting even further by allowing you to save report selections and settings that can be batch run on a schedule.

Security Spotlight

Within the Admin section there is now a new option called Security Spotlight. This new screen allows you to search for any securities in any of your portfolios and displays price and corporate action history along with other stock level information.

Update to our Terms of Use document

We sent an email on the 23rd of May informing users of an update to our Terms of Use agreement. This is now in effect and you will be required to accept the agreement to continue using StatPro Revolution.

The main update was to support new “Access Users”. People who have been given direct access to StatPro Revolution by a user who is authorized to share analysis to external people.

Log in now to benefit from these new features.

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