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Unity® Surveys
Automate Third-Party Reporting Processes

As part of the Investor Communications platform, Unity® Surveys is the industry’s choice for automated third-party reporting enabling you to meet the information demands of internal sales channels, third-party intermediaries, news publications, institutional clients, and regulators. Unity Surveys automates the third-party reporting process, including the collection of data, creation of reports, and delivery of daily reports and data feeds to a multitude of destinations.

Features & Benefits
Automate the collection of fund information from various sources, including your fund accounting system or data warehouse, and consolidate it into one central database.
Create daily and weekly pricing reports, monthly and quarterly fund surveys, as well as regulatory fund reports in minutes, using a number of standard formats.
Confirm your numbers once and store them in a central database and know that they are correct, without the time-consuming task of verifying each report.
Distribute reports automatically to any destination via email, fax, FTP, etc. and according to any schedule.
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