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Unity® Prospectus
Reduce Prospectus Production Time by up to Seventy-Five Percent

Unity® Prospectus automates the production of annual statutory and summary prospectuses and eliminates the typesetter, enabling you to reduce the risk and cost involved in manually creating the final, stylized prospectus documents. With sophisticated features like an integrated content library that utilizes controlled workflow, collaboration, and consistency between documents is increased.

Features & Benefits
Ensure consistency in disclosures between funds of the same sponsor and between reporting periods with a reusable content library which allows content updates to multiple documents.
Eliminate manual line-by-line draft review by automatically tracking changes with electronic mark-up to ensure version control over content changes.
Turn raw content into highly stylized, print-ready prospectus reports in as many languages as necessary to support your global business.
Automate workflow with role-based access and approvals, and a robust audit trail to effectively control workflow tasks.
Source financial highlights and returns directly from your certified annual reports for clients also using Unity® Financial Reporting and Unity® Performance.
Publish in one or multiple languages to support global operations and products.
Reduce risk of errors from manual typesetter changes and eliminate typesetter draft review.
Increase collaboration between prospectus team members by segmenting each prospectus into many documents that can be worked on simultaneously by multiple users and then re-combined.
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