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Variable Annuities

The complexity of fees and charges makes it difficult to quickly provide unit values and performance information across a range of variable annuity product offerings. Yet, in this highly competitive market, providing the most current performance information to marketing channels and your sales team is imperative. Manually calculating these returns increases the likelihood of error and simply takes too long. In addition, calculating fees such as Contract Fees, Rider Fees, Bonuses, Front-end Loads and/or Surrender Charges with Free Withdrawal Amounts is exceptionally challenging

Confluence offers the industry-leading solution for performance calculation and reporting, Unity® Performance. For variable annuities, Unity Performance automates the collection of daily rate information, calculation of fees and charges at the product level, and delivery of unit values and standardized and/or non-standardized performance information to various reporting destinations, including e-mail, fax server, website, internal system or customized report.

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